Garden Gallery

Our clients include:

  • Private estates with formal and wild areas
  • Gardens undergoing development sympathetic to the customers own style
  • Gardens that require specialist knowledge and careful management
  • Unique urban gardens
  • Recently designed and landscaped
  • Gardens requiring innovation and vision for continuous improvement

4 thoughts on “Garden Gallery”

  1. I have a lot of ‘blind’ daffodill bulbs, what do I do with them please. Last year I dug them up and put them in pots to separate them from the rest. I planted them deeper but still no flowers.

    1. Hi Monica, Generally, when plants of any kind don’t bloom it’s usually an issue of either not enough light; too much nitrogen (which makes green, not flowers); too little of the other nutrients they need; or overcrowding (particularly relevant in the case of bulbs). Improperly timed pruning (cutting back too soon, whether with shrubs or bulbs) can diminish bloom as well.

      I hope that you can make a decision now on what to try next.. thank you for your enquiry, Wrosie

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