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Move over Tulips here come the big guns

And you cannot ignore the abundant Horse Chestnuts with their popsicle flowers:

And this wonderful Peony/tree peony hybrid:

As you can tell I’m lost for words this week… Regularly soaked right through and the next minute warmed up again by a stronger sun, it has been a battle of wills. Should I stay or should I go now?

I’ll leave you with this special view

Wisteria – don’t be afraid


Last year we didn’t get around to pruning the Wisteria in January. The flowers and the leaves arrived at the same time.  This year I thought we were being rather brutal in January with our pruning regime but I was determined to get the flowers first, foliage second.



This is how the buds looked after our January pruning


And now we look at the developing buds, all flower buds and few leaves… I can’t wait for next week now…

I guess the moral in the story is you MUST prune in January.

Watch this space for the finale..


Better, but not as good as this one…



Today we were…

Pruning the Wisteria.  There are 3 in this garden, all very established plants that flower well and grow like monsters.  One is trained up the front of the house, one trained as a hedge (much like at Sissinghurst), and one trained up a post on the pergola in the shape of a tree.

Wisteria needs pruning twice a year, in the summer and winter.

Last year, when I didn’t prune one of the Wisterias as we simply ran out of time, the flowers and the leaves came together.  The reason for pruning now is that a flowering spur also contains leaf buds.  By pruning the spur back to 2 buds now should promote flowering before leaf growth.

We shall see.


How to maintain some plants in a late summer border (2)

Alix demonstrates some maintenance procedures for August in this short video. Today we’re looking at Budleja,  Nepeta, Wisteria and