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Growing and Harvesting Willow

Two years ago we had an opportunity to plant up an area besides the moat that had been neglected:IMG_1524


We wanted a low screen during the summer, winter interest, low maintenance and plants that would enjoy the boggy conditions. So we decided to go for a selection of willows.  Several varieties were selected for their vibrant stem colours  and we ordered some cuttings on-line.  Following the planting guidelines we made our willow bed:



We covered the black plastic with wood chippings and away grew the willow.  In February last year we coppiced the willow and developed another area with our own cuttings. This February we coppiced the willow again and this time have enough willow to make a willow basket.

I thought I would share with you a short video I made at home this week of my attempts to weave the willow basket, made from our very own, home grown, willow.

I hope that made you smile as much as it did me, on playback!

Well, it has been a fabulous week so far

photo 4First of all, we finished our rustic arches for the clematis to grow over.. and somehow it felt like they should always have been 3

Secondly we made supports for the peonies (they are always top-heavy, especially when the flowers get wet) from dogwood cuttings that are lovely and pliable right now.

photo 1


Thirdly, we have the most spectacular of plants to be flowering at this time of year, Euphorbia chariacas ‘Wolfenii’ – and this plant excels in the worst of conditions, very dry soil right next to the house and in the shade. Beautiful.