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Gardening in June

Much of our time at the moment is taken up with weeding and watering. We water all the pots at the beginning of the day (and maybe at the end too if we are not returning to the garden for a while) and with the prediction of a drought, this is a necessity. All the plants in the border are left to fend for themselves unless we moved them this year and then they will need watering too. It’s hot, but we have made the mistake before of wearing shorts and vests. Now it is time for trousers, hats and long sleeves as the horseflies are out in force. We also cover up in the sun as that beats any sun protection in a bottle.

The clematis are making the most of our rustic arches but having divided them earlier this year, the flowers are smaller and the growth less prolific. However they are still delightful.

When we start getting really hot we head to the shady parts of the garden so these areas become the most well tended weed free areas for a while! In the hotter drier areas the weed growth slows down of it’s own accord thankfully.

Now is also the time to take stock of the planting and make decisions about what will be divided in August. Our moat border can be quite overwhelming right now so I am always thinking of removing and reducing plants rather than adding to the show. Less is more!