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Another piece of heaven…

I wish I could share my senses with you this week. The scent as I walk from one area to another is just bucolic. The vistas and the detail are both charming and delightful and the new foliage, fresh and soft to the touch.

The plants contributing to that fresh odorous air are:


Hawthorn (Cretagus)


In one garden there are 3 different Wisterias, each with their own charms…


IMG_3418 IMG_3425


This one on the pergola is so gorgeous to walk through.  Long ghostly racemes of white, highly perfumed flowers. Perhaps my favourite?

Then there is this lilac -coloured one,  with the same delicate but slightly shorter racemes,  against the front wall of the house:





And then there is the bruiser with its much larger flowers and blousie appearance where the leaves just won’t let the flowers steal the show



but it makes a fabulous hedge.

Here is the Hawthorn, hiding in another hedge



and the other- out and proud (and pruned this year so looks even better)



both also contributing to the perfumed air.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to work – just waft around instead….

My best bulb purchase this year

Big blousey and beautifully scented, these Lilium ‘Zambesi’, Oriental x Trumpet have definitely provided an impact and smell to die for, every time I enter and leave the house. For £5.25 for 3 bulbs from they have been worth every penny.
They even stood up to the incredible storms we had the other night which left a yellow pollen stain on the white petals below, reminding me of the mornings when I have forgotten to remove my make-up and wake up a little smudged and bleary-eyed.IMG_1320