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And let that be a lesson to you

IMG_2547The day started so well.  I hopped out of bed, made myself a nice cup of tea and had plenty of time for breakfast and organising lunch.  I receive a text from gardener Emma ‘It’s snowing! – Still wanna meet at 8?’. I look out the window and it’s still pretty dark.  I live by the sea – doesn’t look too bad.  It’s so easy to be put off and actually miss a good day’s gardening. ‘Yep’ I reply, and off we go.


The sky and views were pretty amazing on the way.  We decided it was definitely worth getting out of bed for…

Our 30 minute journey took an hour and by the time we had crawled along the country lanes, slipping and sliding along the way, we were both relieved to reach our destination and not end up in a ditch.  In fact Emma was quite impressed with my ‘ice driving’ – her knuckles were white upon arrival.

On a day like today, the only job we felt comfortable doing was pruning roses – but which ones? We decided to stick close to the house where the snow had melted – in fact prune the roses on the house.


Safety measures were discussed and soon Emma was up on the platform, two hands free, bucket and loppers beside her, accessory belt with secateurs, scissors and string, and phone all easily accessible.




Radio on and happily pruning away.

I had two feet firmly on the ground. pruning the lower roses.

Morning passed into afternoon all the snow had melted and phew we were in a heady 4 degrees and we had nearly finished. I brought out the longer ladder to do the tops of the roses by the guttering.

Safety first.. Emma stood at the foot of my ladder as I wrestled with the rose in the guttering and tied in some new growth. Back down again, chatting I noticed I had left a long end of string dangling and as I nipped up to cut it off, the bottom of the ladder started sliding away from the wall…

The next couple of seconds seemed to go so slowly as I tried to work out what to do whilst clinging to the ladder as it was going down.

There was nothing either Emma or I could do. I landed still holding the ladder taking all the weight on my arms and as it turns out, on my left hand.

A little bit shaken, we packed up – well Emma packed us up and I had a hot cup of tea and a sit down.

I’m home now, my hand is very sore and rather bruised…



I’m just glad it didn’t end worse than it did, as it easily could have done.

Thank you lucky stars. Thank you M & D for my ‘Bones of Steel’

Next time it snows I’m staying in bed.