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Happy New Year 2015 and it feels like the sap is rising already…

My wish for this gardening year is for it to be at least as fulfilling as the last – which I’m sure won’t be difficult-  and my challenge is to have the courage to experiment more with planting times, cuttings and growing new plants. Watch this space!

So let’s jump in with the first gardening week of the year:

Pruning roses tends to be the back bone of our winter work.  because there are so many to fit in to a few months we start at the end of November and continue through to February/March supplemented by other jobs.  Other jobs at the moment still include weeding as the weather is still relatively mild here in the south East of England.

Yesterday I pruned one of the Wild roses in the garden.  I have no idea which kind of rose it is, but think it may be a rambler.  What I love about it most is it has the habit of a bouquet.


Winter after pruning



Today we checked up on the dahlia tubers that were dug up at the first frost and left to dry out in the shed



We stood them upside down and left quite a lot of the soil to dry out on them.  Normally by now we would have wrapped them in newspaper to insulate, and then store  in boxes.  Again, it has been so mild,  that we have decided to skip this step and pot them up in fresh reasonably dry compost today. We would usually leave this until March.




They still need protection from frost so they are back in the shed.

Those that were too big to fit in pots we gradually teased apart to create smaller plants.  As long as the tuber has some stem attached it will be fine. If the tuber breaks off without stem, I find these rarely grow again.

Pruning Rosa ‘Charles de Mills’

Gallica Roses are old roses, compact shrubs with wonderfully scented blooms. They usually only have one flush of flowers during the summer that lasts about 3-6 weeks. They can then be pruned after flowering.  The flowers next year will grow from this years new growth.

Here is a short demonstration: