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My life is richer today with these beauties…


Dahlia ‘Thomas Edison’

Dahlia ‘Pink Onesta’

Zinnia ‘Green Envy’

Euphorbia shillingii

Delphiniums, Kniphofia rooperi and Physallis

IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1578IMG_1582


IMG_1450 IMG_1451 IMG_1453 IMG_1449

Flower Power




In some gardens we are over whelmed with yellow flowers at this time of year, however in my Poynings garden, it most certainly is PINK –  Pink to make the boys wink!





Cosmos and Gaura






Gaura and Cosmos



We are still cutting like crazy for indoor display and to prolong the flowering period, and that is what makes it all so worthwhile in the end.

September brings a romantic light to the garden

The sun is lower in the sky and starts to back light the leaves and flowers still in bloom. The lime green foliage sings out with greater impact against darker shadows.  Temperatures are cooler increasing  our enthusiasm, energy and motivation.

Still we are not restricted by layers of clothing to ward off the cold.  This is all good as Autumn is a busy and physically challenging season.  So much to cut back and compost or burn, plants to dig up and divide so they can put on more root growth before the winter strikes. This is soon followed by barrowing mulch around the garden to protect certain plants and bulbs from wintery conditions.

Today we made  a start on a rather over-grown border by the moat.  More pressing tasks have drawn us away from this area for too long.

Personally, I love seeing the beautiful dark soil exposed again and once more framing the last blooms of summer.

This video is a before and after shot of our days work.  Unfortunately not as obviously as I would like…you really should have  been there!

And this is our last views of the garden today:

IMG_0828 IMG_1872