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Some jobs you don’t want to do, have their benefits…

We knew the courtyard needed to be weeded again. This is one of those jobs that make you heart sink…IMG_2983

Because it is next to the moat we daren’t use weedkiller, so the only way is the organic way. Down on our hands and knees and we scrape.

However, when you go from this:


to this:


there is some reward.

There is also a certain fascination with the fluorescent lime of the moss


And then you look at this:


and find this sweet mother duck tucked in the corner


sitting on 12 freshly laid eggs


Your heart just melts. it doesn’t seem such a hard job after all!

Other pleasures of the day include the early blooming peony


Peaonia mlokosewitchshii



Grape hyacinths


Corylopsis pauciflora AGM (deciduous shrub)

and then be able to take home a beautiful bunch of spring flowers for the table.. – Featured image.




We love wild flowers

Cardamine pratensis.  It is here in abundance this spring. Have you got it near you?
Cardamine pratensis. It is here in abundance this spring. Have you got it near you?


Also known as Lady’s smock and Cuckoo flower – look out for it with it’s head above the rest

Narcissi narcissi everywhere, dancing in the sun

This one here and that one there, yet I can’t guess one!

But this year I’m going to have a go..
IMG_0239 IMG_0250 IMG_0241 IMG_0253 IMG_0254 IMG_0257 IMG_0245 IMG_0215


Narcissus ‘Kilworth’

-Div 2. large cupped




Narcissus – I’m not sure which?





Narcissus ‘Grand Soliel d’Or’

Paperwhite narcissus




Narcissus ‘Ambergate’

-Div 10, the wild species



Narcissus x odorus ‘Rugulosus’

Div 7 Jonquil, Small-cupped sweetly scented, 2 or more flowers on stem






Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’

Div 3, Small-cupped







Narcissus ‘Tahiti’

Div.4, double





Narcissi ‘Portrush’

Div. 3 Small cupped

My favourite shrub for Spring

The Corylopsis pauciflora AGM (deciduous shrub) is my choice for a darkish corner of the garden for this time of year.  In Spring it is covered in the daintiest primrose yellow flowers that just light up the garden and make your heart sing.


Leucojum aestivum, also flowering now, is a bulbous perennial rather like a giant snowdrop. It has gorgeous lush green glossy strap-like leaves, looks great in a pot or naturalised in an ‘edge of woodland’ setting


Beautiful Spring bulbs

Ipheion. Theprettiest little flowers to grow at the foot of a tree
Ipheion. The prettiest little flowers to grow at the foot of a tree.