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Another day another dollar

The new red shoots of the Peony ‘Molly the witch’ are bursting through the icy soil crust. We therefore bestow on this plant the honour of being the first in the garden to be given the decoration of home grown plant support.

Bea – the newest recruit to the ‘Babes with Spades’ team has created this very lovely support from hazel and willow:




and a reminder of how the plant will look in Spring…



We moved onto pruning roses in the wild garden, starting with the pink rose seen here on the right of the picture in July last year



It’s in the Wild Garden.  A stunning rose covered in flowers every year.  However some of the wood is very rotten.  We have had to cut out some of the old stems.IMG_2632


Inspired by a pruning course I took last year and an episode on Garden Revival currently on the BBC, I have decided to experiment with pegging down new growth so it is more horizontal than vertical:



Again a bit tricky to see in this photograph, but I am excited to see

how well this works as it should (in theory) break out in flower spikes along the entire length of the stem now.

WE did this to 3 other large roses in the wild area as there is plenty of space to do it here.  I can not wait to see what happens…

Peonia mlokosewitschii or ‘Molly the Witch’

The eyes have it….

This is our earliest flowering peony with beautiful pale lemon flowers and now look whats happening to the seed heads??!!


It is so worth growing. This is how it looked on 5th May:

IMG_1606 IMG_1615