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July Stars of the Show

Well it really has been a fabulous week in the garden.. the sun, the rain, the sun, the rain, mid-summer joy with still plenty more excitement to come.  So let’s just immerse ourselves in what we have now…


Crying out to be a crumble. They look so moreish.


Dahlias, sweet peas and Salvias

The most delicious courgettes  (seed supplied by Marshalls) roasted or steamed yum yum yum.


Philadelphus – the most delightful flowering shrub in the borders right now. The perfume from the flowers just blows you away and they last and last in a jug. J’adore…


Lilium regale album.  I really wasn’t sure they would survive in this heavy clay soil, but 3 years on they are thriving.  You could stake every single one to stand upright, but in my mind that is way too many stakes and string. Let them reach out. The perfume is glorious.


The white and yellow sings out with the yellow Corydalis rooting itself in the brickwork behind.



More Lilium regale in the raised beds by the patio.  Mixed with a purple Heuchera, sombre Sweet Williams, Alliums of all shapes and sizes and the lime green Cotinus  (smoke bush).. I’m happy with this.


Finally, Pauline is let loose with the hedge-trimmer.  She makes a fabulous job of the Beech hedge despite it being her first time with the mean machine.

“All for one, and one for all”


My best bulb purchase this year

Big blousey and beautifully scented, these Lilium ‘Zambesi’, Oriental x Trumpet have definitely provided an impact and smell to die for, every time I enter and leave the house. For £5.25 for 3 bulbs from they have been worth every penny.
They even stood up to the incredible storms we had the other night which left a yellow pollen stain on the white petals below, reminding me of the mornings when I have forgotten to remove my make-up and wake up a little smudged and bleary-eyed.IMG_1320

4 Lovely Lilies

My Chelsea flower Show 2014 – Lilies

Asiatic Lily 'The Pirate'
Asiatic Lily
‘The Pirate’

Nepalense and Oriental 'Kushi Maya'
Nepalense and Oriental
‘Kushi Maya’

martagon Lily Theodore Haber
martagon Lily
Theodore Haber

Lilium martagon Album
Lilium martagon Album

By the front Door



Gorgeous blue Muscari are being pushed up by the Tulip leaves growing from below to form a delightful dome shape, in this terracotta planter.

Although it is too late to plant up a container with bulbs like this for Spring, there are summer bulbs you can plant NOW which will flower this year.  I have just treated ourselves to some Lilies which I have completely fallen in love with in the last couple of years.  It is time to leaf through those plant catalogues or head up to a garden centre and treat yourselves too.

Lilium regale is the traditional English country garden variety. Tall, white, scented, trumpet flower with a purple hue to the bud. You won’t be disappointed by this stunning and statuesque plant which will just look better with more blooms every year.

As always there are many other varieties to choose. I have bought L. ‘Zambesi’, an Oriental x Trumpet scented lily and another tall  orange Species lily L. ‘Henryi’ – both flowering in July and I can’t wait.