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Garden maintenance jobs in late October

This week we have been

1)  Planting Spring flowering bulbs in the garden and in pots

2)  Digging up clumps of Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ that are quick to     spread and invade other plants.  After dividing them we planted them in a vacant area of the garden.

3)  Weeding through our Wild Flower garden, removing the nettles, sedges, and many little seedlings of Iris foetidissima (the ‘stinking iris’) that threaten to take over the area if not removed now.

4)  Thinking ahead.  An area of one garden (that was supposed to be low maintenance) where wild roses grow on a bank,  didn’t look great this year where the weeds and grass grew up around the stems of the roses. So this week we decided to resolve this problem for next year by cutting weed membrane fabric, from a roll, into circles, to place around the base of the roses. We secured it in place with wire strips that we bent into a staple shape and pushed through the fabric into the soil.

IMG_1990 IMG_1991

We will then be adding some bark mulch to cover the membrane.

Bonded rather than woven material was used to prevent fraying.

5)  Pruning Eleagnus. These standard shape ‘lollipops’ were beginning to look shaggy.  We had left them a while to flower (with the sweetest scent) but now we needed to get them back into shape.





We used our secateurs rather than shears because we didn’t want to cut the actual leaves.