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Time to appreciate ivy


This really is a great time of year to enjoy the fully blown magnificence of ivy.  All year round, through thick and thin, it proudly retains the essence of nature in our urban gardens.  From my window I cannot see any trees and due to coastal winds and salty conditions it is a struggle to find plants that survive.  I have a tiny back yard so I really can do without shrubs that take up room and little else.  However the ivy clothes the walls like a shroud. The beauty lies in the backdrop and the detail of every single leaf that is both individual and charming.


From just one plant there are chunky leaves, beautifully glossy and dazzling in their freshness and


and thin, delicate and spidery leaves.

I love this plant before it gets baked by the sun in summer but it also provides a good habitat for birds spiders and snails.

Far from destroying my wall it clings to, it binds it all together protecting it from the elements.  Thank you ivy.

However, if I ever see it climbing up a tree destroying its silhouette and increasing the burden on the tree I will, without hesitation, cut it off.

Simple tasks in the garden that can make a difference at this time of year

Today I decided to cut back the Ivy in my back yard and make my first film as a presenter – it can only get better!