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Introducing a new ‘babe’ to the team. The Fabulous Frenchy…Pauline

Pauline brings bundles of style, colour and enthusiasm to the gardening team.  I love listening to her wonderful, lilting, french accent when discussing  all things horticultural.


Today Pauline gathered low growing bulbs and perennials, including primroses, Ipheion uniflorum or Spring Star and Cyclamen, and the small Hart’s tongue fern from around the garden to carefully plant up the gaps between the  steps.

I am hoping they won’t be overwhelmed by those Spanish Bluebells and Camassia that have found their way there too.


We also went into the woods to collect Hazel sticks for plant supports. These will be made in the coming weeks, as the perennials start emerging again in the warmer soil and longer days…

Hazel and Dogwood stems
Hazel and Dogwood stems

An early start at one of our jobs last week allowed me to share a cup of coffee with the client.  You know how much someone loves their flowers when you see them languishing in jars and vases on the kitchen table basking in the spring sunshine.





and finally, more by accident than design, this combination of a grass and white crocus in a pot together… on some level, it works!!






Hellebore flowers- Don’t waste them

The flowers are nearly over and the new foliage is taking full advantage but don’t cut the flowers off  and throw in the compost just yet, look how lovely they are, as cut flowers, in a vase right now with some flower heads of Tellima grandiflora or ‘Fringe cups’

Hellebore flowers/seedheads look fab in a vase right now
Hellebore flowers/seedheads look fab in a vase 

I’m no expert in flower arranging, but the colours are just gorgeous.