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More Autumnal jobs – Removing Ivy


We are still cutting back perennials around the gardens and generally putting the gardens to bed for the winter. However if you have finished those tasks except for the sweeping up of the leaves which we still have to come, have a look at where the ivy has travelled to over the year.

It is time to get tough on it.  We are out and about climbing the ornamental trees on dry calm days and peeling off the damaging shoots.  It’s not enough just to cut it at the foot of the tree and wait for it to die as it will remain  a dead unsightly silhouette ruining the winter beauty of the tree. It then becomes brittle and difficult to pull out of the higher reaches.

We enjoy the opportunity to recall those childhood memories of scrambling around in the branches, taking in the scent of the tree and viewing the garden from a different aspect! We love it, but you do need a head for heights and a valid insurance policy.

Creative Wednesdays

A good friend of mine reached quite a low point in life about 6 months ago. She called me up and said she was going on a course called ‘The Artist’s Way’, that could potentially help her through this difficult time. Part of the course was to undertake something creative every week which was different from the previous week and would I join her? I said I usually had Wednesday afternoon off and would be happy to share that time with her and our “Creative Wednesdays’ were born.
We have come a long way since then. We have seen quite a few films, taken long walks, gone to museums and visited gardens and climbed high hills. We have sat and chatted and sat and drawn together and the experience has been totally worthwhile. It has been an opportunity for us both to take time out for ourselves.
She finished the course ages ago. We probably spend every other Wednesday together now but we still focus on the creative. She has come a long way in that time and actually so have I.
This week we made flowers from willow that look good inside and out…a bit like us.