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Into the woods

Some woods have carpets of bluebells,  our woods have snowdrops.  At this time of the year the woods are magical.

I love standing here completely undisturbed, listening to the trickling stream and gazing at thousands of tiny delicate white flowers nodding in the breeze against the dark green ivy foliage and fallen leaves…


Interestingly there were no snowdrops in the garden borders of the house, so over the years Alix and I have been gradually gathering them from the woodland and planting them here and there, where they can be seen more readily.

I have also noticed how quickly they bulk up, so you can divide the bunches every year and keep spreading the love 🙂


It’s also nice to put some in a small vase on the dressing table or in the bathroom to take advantage of their beauty up close.


How about collecting and offering a small bunch on Valentines Day?

It’s got to be the cutest bunch of flowers ever!