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Brimming with life


It’s too soon to turn your back on your garden.

Plants may be fading and you may be  itching to pull out old annuals and cut back the perennials and start the big tidy up, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the here and now.

I’d like to savour the early days of Autumn when the greens turn to orange, the apples, pears and berries ripen and glow and the seed heads rattle in the breeze

The spiders are busy spinning their webs which glisten in the early morning dew like  pearl necklaces.

The late summer flowers of Dahlias and Alstroemerias crash and burn with the failing support of the other plants around them and the ornamental grasses, chinese lanterns and Red Hot Pokers are just coming into their own.

There’s still so much to enjoy. Cut and bring into the home a few simple daily reminders of the world outside.



The Journey from Garden to Vase…

Today, on our weekly visit to Newtimber Place garden, we were discussing how fast the scenery changes in the garden, particularly at this time of year. The cherry blossom was stunningly beautiful but gone after just a couple of weeks. We saw it twice.  Luckily this was followed by the apple blossom and shortly the Philadelphus will be flowering. All these wonderful flowering trees and shrubs in our gardens and yet we tend to stick with bought flowers for our homes.  Many of which have been flown in from faraway lands.

Let’s rejoice in our Spring Summer Autumn and Winter and bring our gardens into the home! Let these seasons pervade our houses in vases to try and eek out every moment of their beauty and scent whilst wandering from room to room.

The very lovely and creative Floral Artist, Beata Burke, and I have decided to bring you some ideas for a seasonal arrangement, picked directly from the garden.  Many of you won’t have access to all the choice we have here at Newtimber, but you may be surprised to have some of the plants and at least find some inspiration from our choices…


Here is Bea gathering the goodies.  All you need is a sharp pair of secateurs and half a bucket of water.


Weeping Pear - Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'
Weeping Pear – Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’
Copper Beech
Copper Beech
Cow parsley
Cow parsley

She also picked some Honey suckle,  blossoming Crab apple and cow parsley


Crab Apple
Crab Apple



The Grand Finale



Bea’s business ethos is to use  British  grown seasonal plants in her designs.  To see more of Beata’s work you can visit her website…

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