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There are 2 square flower beds at the front of the house, both had purely red roses in them but unfortunately the roses in one bed started dying off.  Slowly, each year, 2 or more would die and it just looked sad.  We decided it was probably honey fungus doing the damage, as a tree close by had recently been taken down and potentially the roots were left to rot underground and this is where honey fungus can start.  Anything in the Rosa family becomes a target of this fungus.  So we have replanted the bed with ‘freebies’ to test what can actually live in a soil infested by honey fungus.

In the centre we have the lovely Euphorbia mellifera…. if you have one, you usually have seedlings near-by.  Ironically this is sometimes called the ‘honey bush’ due to the sweet smell of its insignificant flowers.  It is a very versatile evergreen shrub. I love it – and it survives honey fungus!!!!.  Surrounding that we have some gorgeous ferns .. I think they are Matteucia strutheopteris and they survive honey-fungus and then some fabulous bulbs .. Scilla peruviana (Cuban Lily)  These are fantastic ground cover.  They come up now, flower in the Spring and continue to thrive for a couple more months before we cut them back.  What a great plant for difficult conditions. And…. they survive honey fungus

Then we have the gorgeous Dahlia Hillcrest Royal – if anything would beat off competition with a pure red rose garden this is a serious contender


We have dug them up this year to divide in the spring and also to propagate from:


Here they are drying out upside down in the shed



Other Dahlias in the garden we leave in throughout the winter..

We have a pretty good success rate.  We cut them right back and find something else in the garden to mulch them with… it could be leaves but today it was Osmunda ferns:

Osmunda regalis
Osmunda regalis



With a small piece of chicken wire and a couple of sticks, the Dahlias are quickly and easily protected from the savages of winter…

This week’s selection of Dahlias from the garden

White cactus
White cactus




Petals of Dahlia Hillcrest Royal
Petals of Dahlia Hillcrest Royal



Late summer bounty

I couldn’t resist showing off todays colourful ‘haul’ from the garden at Dyke Farm House, Poynings: