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Are your Bluebells delicate English or Spanish thugs?



The Spanish bluebells are often found growing in our gardens and the English  variety, the native bluebell, on common land, verges and mainly in

English bluebells
English bluebells


There are very noticeable differences.

1. The colour and size of the bells. The English flowers are generally a darker hue, smaller and more refined, with curlier tips.

2. The stems of the English bluebell are thinner allowing the top few bells to gently arch over.

3. The strap like leaves are much narrower and less numerous on the  English variety.

4. The white fleshy bulbs of the Spanish bluebells can be perfect balls the size of a large pickled onion or oddly shaped like a spring onion or a mini  butternut squash. The Enlish bluebell bulbs are more the size of silverskin onions.

5. Finally the beautiful and distinctive scent of the English bluebell.

The Spanish ones don’t smell.

(You may well come across hybrids that are just there to confuse you!)

Of course we all know which one we like best!
Of course we all know which one we like best!