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Just as the early bird catches the worm….

so  the early flower attracts the bee..

Interestingly I have only ever just glanced at these Hellebores, absolutely enjoying the lime fresh flowers against the dark soil and taking in their early value in the Spring garden.

Taking more of an interest and a bit more time, I couldn’t believe the bee activity they created – particularly for the big fat early bumble bees.

Big -up Hellebore foetidus, the ‘stinking’ hellebore, a member of the buttercup family – Ranunculaceae.

Actually it isn’t noticeably malodorous, self seeds quite easily without being a nuisance, is an evergreen and of great value to the Spring garden and in Summer makes a great ‘foil’ for other plants providing a dark green backdrop and companion plant to nasturtiums for example.

All in all, I love it.

Winter bees activities

I remember an autumnal morning a couple of years ago when my client handed me 1000 crocus bulbs to plant.  Really small bulbs – we thought it wouldn’t take long.  However the bed was right next to a Yew hedge and Horse chestnut tree, the ground was dry, hard and full of roots.  A couple of hours work and a very sore hand later they were in and I was relieved.

Joy of joys though, every February we and the bees and the neighbours are completely rewarded… especially on a sunny day.






You were soooooo worth it


OK November is here

I have to say ‘wow’ to the stunning Rhus typhina glade in my friends garden:





When Louis, my eldest son was born on November 10th,  I wanted to dedicate a tree to his birth. I didn’t want to buy a tree just in case it died and would be a bit of an omen, so I just chose one.  This is it.

That was in my pre-gardening days.

When I saw this glade yesterday it brought back that emotion.  I was in awe of the beauty of this tree, as I was of my son. The wonder of nature overwhelmed me and wonderfully continues to do so, year after year.

Happy Birthday Louis, 22 this year…