What made me smile this week

There was plenty of sad news this week with coronavirus affecting the global community. Some caught up directly, others indirectly but I think we are all held slightly in a suspension of time and confusion.

I’ve never been in a ‘pandemic’ before and it’s like I’m taking one very long slow breath in, watching and waiting….

Meanwhile my working life and routine marches on and nature’s growth waits for no man. Keep calm.

This week’s fascination include 1) my little spring favourite… Ipheion (Feature picture) Perfect at the front of a border or naturalised in grass around the base of a tree. Awful in a posy as it smells quite oniony

and 2) the slightly prehistoric flame-like new growth of Gunnera

Chris and the Gunnera

3) So many tiny seedlings doing their thing in the greenhouse which is so satisfying (apart from most of the sunflower seeds that were found and eaten by a hungry mouse). And then there’s the potted Lilies in the cold frame growing great guns and sprayed with Grazers4 (organic control) to prevent Lily Beetle damage. Fingers crossed!

The Ammi majus, Sweet peas, Marigolds and Broadbeans that were sown in November, have all now found places either just outside the greenhouse or in the garden where they are to flower.

2 thoughts on “What made me smile this week”

  1. Re sunflowers and the pesky mouse, that happened to me once, they love a pea too so watch out if you are growing them. I’m slowly starting to sow seeds…. still pretty chilly tho up here in the NW xx

    1. Eeek! you’re right – something got into the vegetable patch after the freshly sown peas. …
      Luckily I have learnt the valuable lesson of never sowing a whole packet of seeds in one go. Round two. I may start them indoors and throw them outside as soon as they germinate??? Given the lesson of my indoor sweet peas, I can’t risk that again lol xxx

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