Welcome back

My gardening colleague Sham had been unable to come to work since the lockdown, so I was delighted she found some transport and made it back to the fold last week.

We made a start on clearing this beautiful border this week:

A few special plants will be found new locations around the garden, after carefully washing the roots so we know they are clean, however the majority will be destroyed or composted. Nearly all of them have either ground elder roots, bind weed or horsetail in their rootball. These pernicious perennial weeds can regenerate from the smallest of fragments and spread very quickly in any habitat. If we compost them, we would leave the compost for at least 2 years to be sure the weeds have been broken down sufficiently.

First section empty except for the Crinum… a huge bulb that works itself deep into the ground. Very difficult to dig out whole so hopefully we can leave it to naturalise. It has the most wonderful white or pink ‘lily’ type flowers…

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