Watering , watering watering.

Another gardening week (yes we are still working!) and the show must go on.

The day begins with a watering schedule that takes us all around the gardens. The greenhouse, cold frames, pots of tulips, pots of lilies, pots with herbs, perennials recently divided and replanted, newly bought and planted perennials (hollyhocks and delphiniums), new seed beds of veg and flowers and recently planted sweet peas from the greenhouse at the foot of their frames. Plus there are all the containers of topiary at doors and entrances.

In one garden there are 20 new roses planted all over the place, up high banks, along walls, at the base of trees. Each takes half a can of water once a week to get established and are planted a long long way from the tap…

The watering alone can take an hour at each of our gardens and is certainly a wonderful start the day, an opportunity to take in all the detail.

When I first started gardening I was always looking forward to what was coming out next, as you are always preparing for the next season. As the years have gone by, I now realise that the gardens are at their very best today, the day you are there enjoying them.

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