Time to choose Summer flowering bulbs, seeds and fruit

I always remember to order and plant Tulips and Narcissi bulbs in Autumn.  Probably because, as we head into winter,  I need something to keep me optimistic and hopeful of better things to come…. I then go through a bit of a lull at this time of year and really have to try and pick myself up.  Bulb catalogues usually land on the mat below the letter box and immediately get stacked into the ‘must-do’ pile that never gets done and goes straight to the recycling some months later.

Not this year.  The selection of summer flowering bulbs are fabulous and broad.  All the hard work has been done- last years sunshine has been captured and contained in that little dry ball of goodness.  All you have to do is choose what you like, plant it and add water and the magic really does happen.

Yesterday, I sat down and chose a few of my favourites … some Dahlias I spotted last year that I wanted  to try, like this one,



some Lilies I grew last year and loved,


and some Cannas which I haven’t grown before but wanted to try out.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money either.  I went to Poundland yesterday and bought some bulbs, some seed packets and some fruit bushes and had change from a tenner! Brilliant.


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