Time and tide waits for no man

I am lucky enough to live by the sea. My evening stroll, to stretch out after a full day of gardening, now involves a walk along the beach. Where once there were groups of people sitting or lying around chatting and enjoying the gentle lapping of the waves, now every single person is on the move. Exercise time. People are not allowed to sit for any length of time. As I make my way along, I am searching for clues as to whether the tide is coming in or going out and I am really aware of time. When everyone else feels like time is standing still and one day merges with another, the rhythm of life interrupted, my life as a gardener is acutely marked by the speed of nature progressing along its seasonal path.

The leaves of the Horse Chestnut tree are only just now held aloft to catch the suns rays and already it is smothered in spires of flowers.

My first job of the week was to cut down the stems of Tulips that have flowered and faded, the petals scattered on the grass from the wind. This was followed by an hour of watering pots and whilst doing that stopping to tie in the clematis tendrils before they cling onto each other and form a crazy mass. Onto the greenhouse for potting up seedlings, tying the tomatoes to their supports, moving the potted Lilies outside to give us more room and spraying them (organically) to prevent Lily beetle.

More seeds of annuals need to be sown directly into the soil, especially those of Cosmos but the area where I want to grow them is thick with weeds. The weeds are flowering and turning to seed or are putting down really strong tap roots. Some ephemeral weeds can flower and set seed 4 or 5 times in a year. We got stuck into removing them all and then, before we knew it, the day was gone.

We’ll have to leave the seed sowing until next week… but make sure we start the day with seed sowing or we’ll repeat all the jobs to do including more weeding and miss our opportunity yet again.

Back home, back down to the beach, and those waves keep rolling in.

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