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More simple tasks in a late summer garden

I love this time of year when our weekly jobs move on from weeding and dead-heading to thinking how we can increase our stock of plants by division and propagation.

We also continue to nurture recently planted specimens to grow where we want them rather than purely letting nature take its course.

Here are two videos to watch of jobs we are doing this week:

Propagation by division:

Potting on Foxglove seedlings and training-in the Passion Flower:

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love the colour of these sweet peas

love the colour of these sweet peas


Dahlia Hillcrest royal - wow

Dahlia Hillcrest royal – wow

colchicum -yeah baby

colchicum -yeah baby

rudbeckia are not going down without a fight

rudbeckia are not going down without a fight

The colchicum – you turn your back for a second and see what happens?

IMG_1397   It’s like a weird little alien, I love it (and still no water, no soil, very little light – just stored energy)

…A break from gardens and a walk around Amsterdam

British flowers straight from a british garden


Guess what was in the Ivy!

IMG_0917Two months ago young Christopher’s corn snake escaped in the house. Yesterday gave me the biggest surprise when I was considering cutting back the ivy on the wall, I saw the snake hanging across it, basking in the morning sunshine. OMG did I jump!

Such a shame to re-capture it and take it back in the house. It was much bigger, well fed (plenty of mice in that border) and healthy…. only we realised it wouldn’t survive the winter if allowed to live outside.

There were big smiles all round – you just never know what a day will bring 🙂


British Flowers Week beginning 16th June 2014

IMG_0775IMG_0799I thought I would ‘have a go’ at a floral display of British grown flowers.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Which photo should I send in to the competition?

Still life

This and the the following depictions of horticultural inspiration are a homage to the artist Omer Fast and his examination of media reportage…

Why you didn’t go to Chelsea Flower show 2014!

The goslings have hatched

The Goslings