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Let’s be Honesty! – Lunaria annua

Honesty is a gorgeous biennial plant that once you have it, makes itself at home in swathes.  It comes in lovely purple or white flowers in late Spring, preferring dampish chalky soils.

The flowers look great in a woodland setting or a main border providing a splash of colour in an otherwise rather monochrome moment.  the greeny/purple disc -like seed heads look great with alliums as

can be seen in this pic:


After going to seed, I pulled up some of the plants and let them dry out.

This evening whilst tucked up inside on a Sunday evening I pulled away the outer discs and collected the seeds.





And was left with the translucent skeletons which I popped in a vase.  Somewhat reminiscent of my mothers home back in the seventies when they featured next to the Bullrushes and the Cheese plant… I think I shall keep them for a couple of weeks and then relegate them to the compost.

The seeds I shall pop in an envelope and keep in a cool dark place to sow next year (although there will be no flowers from these until 2016.)

That is the way with gardening. We are in it for the long haul.