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Heart of Flowers

Where would we be without Hellebores at this time of year?

The race is on and I’m still trying to grab all those little weed seedlings, springing up right before my very eyes.  In between some more major jobs, I can be found kneeling down and combing over the ground, patiently removing them with my hand fork.  I remember an old allotmenteer commenting once on my weeding stance ‘What are you doing scrabbling around down there like a chicken in dirt? You need a hoe’  Well, he had a point.  If the garden plants were set out in nice neat rows like his vegetable patch, I’d be the first one to grab a hoe.  As it is,  I have to be more discerning..

For example, we enjoy growing forget-me-nots which are annual self seeders. At this time of year they look like this:

for the last couple of years we have been inundated with this:

Valerianella locusta, otherwise known as Lamb’s lettuce.

Close up you can see the differences in colour, leaf shape and veining but faced with a patch of both, you have to get really quite close to tell them apart:

Weeding them out can  drive you crazy if you allow it, I actually find the process quite meditative.

When we were not scrabbling around like chickens last week, we were doing this:

Still pruning roses

Cutting down Miscanthus

and transplanting snowdrops around…


Coppicing the willows and dogwood

and taking cuttings.  Making bundles for later use as plant supports

and most importantly enjoying the garden, both outside

Cornus mas

Hellebore foetidus

AND IN… (all very fragrant)


Euphorbia myrsinites


Spotted laurel




More summertime jobs and the weather is warming up nicely


Pauline (above), Bea and I were whipping through the borders yesterday having a good old clear out of spring flowering plants that are sadly now over, but making room for the almighty perennials that have sprung up in the last month..


The garden is looking spectacular and is just the best place to be on days like this




Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy


Aha, there’s my lippy

IMG_3339 IMG_3340

Peony ‘Molly the witch’ closes its petals when it rains


A heart shape hazel Peony support


The very regal Osmunda regalis

Would you like forget-me nots with that madam?



with cowslips?


with Lysimachia?



with Iris?


or on their own?

There is no doubt about it, my heart is filled with joy!




OMG Why is that bed so weedy again?

Oh no it’s not weeds, it’s Forget- me -not seedlings and they are everywhere.

Annually this is a problem for us. We love them when they are flowering in Spring and hate them when they are over. We pull up all the blackened plants that are dying back (very easy to pull out) but then the seeds get stuck on our gloves and clothes and start irritating those of us with sensitive skin.  We can’t FORGET about them  though, as the seeds start germinating very soon after.  We keep on weeding them out and then more grow.  Eventually they win, they start to take hold and we give up.

This is our solution this year: