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Willow Control (and other stems that are over-staying their welcome)


These Willow trees provide a welcome dappled shade to the bog garden in summer, however they also cast  unwanted shadows over the neighbouring property. Tree surgeons can be a costly affair over the lifetime of a Willow in the wrong place so it comes down to us, the gardeners, to pollard them each Spring.

Today was that day.




These bright orange stems from another Willow were used originally to create a wig-wam for the evergreen sweet pea to scramble up in the summer.  The wig wam then took root…Such a lovely colour in the Winter picking up the orangey hues of the Euphorbia milifera behind.

Again, left to their own devices they would create unwanted shade in this lovely sunny border.  So these are now coppiced annually in the Spring.  They will grow back strongly over the year, just beating the everlasting sweet pea, to create a new support for it every year.

This Cornus ‘Midwinter fire’ has enjoyed another year of growth providing a dazzling feature over the dull months – as the name suggests.

I would plant many more, if there was space,  as they look even better en masse.


Time for you to be coppiced too.


Along with more Miscanthus

And turning every corner now, colour is creeping back into our gardens..





Easing our eyes gently into new fresh beginnings.