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And I’m back!


A computer malfunction has blighted my working and blogging life for 2 weeks now.  All I can say is Thank you Apple for bringing me back on line and reuniting me with my fave old (well over 5 years now really is old) iMac. Not sure how I managed without you  but all is forgiven.


In the mini break I managed to have my business card printed and a banner made for my Gardeners Accessory Belt, beautifully modelled here by my good friend Maddie (and all care of a special free offer from Vistaprint


Now I must get back to the most important stuff – what is going on in the garden?

Yes we are still pruning roses and yes we are still weeding and mulching with garden compost.

I thought these snowdrops looked fab at the bottom of the hedge growing in amongst the Lychnis and Lavender as they all share that lovely bluey green hue to their foliage, which makes a fab backdrop to the white bells of snowdrop flowers..


as does the glossy dark green leaves of the Spotted Laurel ..



One of the jobs we worked on today was an attempt at digging up and dividing the Arum italicum.  When we first dug it up from the wilds of the woods a few years back, it was really difficult to dig deep enough to pull it up with roots on, as they were so entangled with the grass and roots of the wood. We only managed to get enough for 3 small clumps.


Now they are 3 bigger clumps.  I hoped they may now be easier to dig up given the sandy loam nature of the soil in these beds.  What I like about these plants is that they are a low growing evergreen that loves the shade and the leaves look lush at this time of year.



They were still pretty deep as can be seen by the length of the white stem as seen here.




But Emma made light work of it and before I knew it they were up, out, divided, back into smaller bunches, dotted around the area, planted and watered. Thank you Em, great job.

Arum italicum

Arum italicum

This is how they looked on August 26th last year. Otherwise known as Italian Lords and Ladies

Herbaceous border versus Mixed border

Firstly, the feature photo was taken on my way to work this week… just saying 😉


and Euonymus alatus spends the whole year in the background until NOW!  Woohoo, now we can see you. It is situated in my mixed shrub and herbaceous border for Autumn colour and this following photo is the rest of that border:


There is Sedum spectabile, Hebe, Miscanthus, a Rose, Salvia, Willow, Hydrangea, Dahlias (Thomas A Edison, Karma chocolate and Hillcrest royal) and a Phormium. Still Looking good and packing a punch.

Alternatively in another garden, a mainly herbaceous area of the garden:


Well it still looks ok but most of the leaves are raggedy, some plants have toppled over and I decided not to delay the inevitable…


Yes,  it is now on the compost. This is what we cut down:


Aquilegia (I think we have cut this back at least 3 times already this year)


Polyganatum biflorum or Soloman’s seal


Macleaya microcarpa


Iris, yellow flag


Hemerocallis (Day Lilies)


Asters – Still flowering but blown over in the wind so some are now in a vase with white Dahlias

All have been cut back to ground level. What we have left:


The adorable Arum italicum


and lots of tiny Digitalis pururea (foxglove seedlings)

which we will leave until they are big enough to transplant around the area.

In another part of the garden we also cut back the Hosta leaves:



All very therapeutic if you ask me.

Back to the deep brown beautiful earth again.

My heart is singing.