So what do you do when the garden is all frosty?


Well my advice is… do anything that will keep you warm for the first couple of hours of the day, as the sun comes up and starts to take the chill out of the air.

Raking is perfect on an ice cold morning.  The leaves are easy to rake up and collect.

Turning the compost, emptying the bins and mulching the beds.  That really gets the internal heat burning and blood pumping to fingers and toes.

Starting the day like this, I felt energised and ready to go,   The sun shining across the lawns and through the tree skeletons was a sight to behold.

I even fed 4 robins a couple of days worth of mealworms from the compost.

One robin (our favourite) sat on the wheelbarrow and sang along to La Boheme on the radio and then sat on my shoulder.

Well that really made my day, I couldn’t ask for more.


2 thoughts on “So what do you do when the garden is all frosty?”

  1. Love this post! Those bright frosty days are amazing once you get moving. The Robins are such a treat. How amazing to ahve one on your shoulder! 🙂

    1. I totally agree Joss, in fact, I think I am falling in love with winter….! I tried to take some shots of our dear robin today. I will put them on my next post x

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