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Following a global trend to ‘buy local’ in recent years, I have concentrated efforts in growing flowers for cutting, in my clients’ gardens. Planting one garden for a summer wedding this year fuelled my excitement to buy and grow lots of beautiful annuals from seed.

Last week I came to a screeching halt and a quick about turn. Covid 19 has changed everything, not least in my gardening world. We all need food and freshly picked vegetables from the garden are an absolute imperative. At least for us in the UK we are at the beginning of our growing season.

When everyone else was out buying pasta and loo rolls, I was at the local garden centre buying compost, vegetable seeds and seedlings. Today I was on a mission, busily emptying the greenhouse of flowers and throwing them into the borders with a wing and a prayer.

I managed to turn it around in a day and now the tomatoes, peppers and chillies are in, the beans and carrots are sown in pots and potatoes planted. Thats a start.

My enthusiasm has rubbed off on others too. The seed packets always contain more than I need, so I spent an evening packing up mini vegetable garden parcels to share.

Not only was I rewarded by the eagerness of friends and family but that translated immediately into action when I received a photo today of a new vegetable plot, built today, all ready to plant up.

and another, all marked out and on its way…

and one more project has just come in tonight… I’m loving this:

Let this be an inspiration to everybody. I can’t wait to see how these gardens grow…

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