My Chelsea Flower Show 2014 …Roses

The Rhs flower shows are always a great day out and this year I actually treated myself to the whole day starting at 8am. Selfishly I have to go on my own, so I am not chatting and wandering around displays missing out on anything, but am completely focused on and dedicated to, the task in hand.

So the morning of ‘Members day’ is actually a joy and you almost feel like you have the Great Pavilion to yourself and a select few others. I have my iPad mini hanging around my neck and taking photos of my favourites becomes a relentless pursuit.

Souvenir du Docteur Jamain (the darker one) – Gorgeous climber will even tolerate a North Facing wall, flowers from July to September and makes excellent cut flowers… with Awakening (the pale pink one). This is another climber which is the double form of the ever popular Rosa New Dawn.

Rosa Belmonte

Chevy Chase – A rambler that now I read about it, is not very attractive to bees and wildlife, nor does it have hips or a strong scent. So it just looks good? yes but all mouth and no trousers…

and the featured Rose is the elegant Natasha Belmonte, a perfumed Floribunda

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