My best bulb purchase this year

Big blousey and beautifully scented, these Lilium ‘Zambesi’, Oriental x Trumpet have definitely provided an impact and smell to die for, every time I enter and leave the house. For £5.25 for 3 bulbs from they have been worth every penny.
They even stood up to the incredible storms we had the other night which left a yellow pollen stain on the white petals below, reminding me of the mornings when I have forgotten to remove my make-up and wake up a little smudged and bleary-eyed.IMG_1320

One thought on “My best bulb purchase this year”

  1. Hi Wendy
    I love lillies and these look gorgeous. The only thing wrong with them in the house is the fact that the pollen stains varnished wood and even tee-shirts get ‘damaged’. I tried once to grow them but not successfully. Enjoy!!
    We also got the storms but all that was damaged was our sleep.

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