Move over Tulips here come the big guns

And you cannot ignore the abundant Horse Chestnuts with their popsicle flowers:

And this wonderful Peony/tree peony hybrid:

As you can tell I’m lost for words this week… Regularly soaked right through and the next minute warmed up again by a stronger sun, it has been a battle of wills. Should I stay or should I go now?

I’ll leave you with this special view

One thought on “Move over Tulips here come the big guns”

  1. Thanks Wendy for such lovely photos. Our Wisteria is flowering but this year it has shorter flowers (if that is what they are called). I want to cut it right back and start again but need a ‘strong arm’ to saw through it. We definitely needed the rain. Our dahlias are coming up in their pots, now with about 8 inches tall foliage. x

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