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Visit to Villa Augustus, Dordrecht, The Netherlands



I went travelling with a group of garden enthusiasts on a trip organised by Bridget and Deborah from The Garden House Brighton.

One of the wonderful gardens we explored was Villa Augustus just outside Amsterdam. The Organic Kitchen garden certainly had the wow factor and is one to aspire to recreate. Carefully planned to provide fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs for the packed restaurant and buzzing clientele.

Flowers were growing in great combinations side by side the vegetables drawing a wealth of pollinating insects to the garden.

Fruit grown on cordons lined the paths making clever use of the space available and statues, a fountain, seating and a rill the length of the garden added surprise and charm to the practical rows of vegetables.

This is very much a ‘working’ garden, very well presented¬†and inspiring to be in, ¬†despite the cloudy skies and rainy day.


Lovely combination of Cosmos ‘Purity’ and white alliums
The beautiful flowers of Ipomea intertwined with the runner beans





IMG_1745 IMG_1738 IMG_1713 IMG_1703 IMG_1701

Zinnias and Cosmos