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Sweet Pea shock

Sowing seeds at home on the windowsill isn’t always easy, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The fun side in you providing unusual conditions for the seed to grow is that they develop in extraordinary ways.

This is what can happen when you sow sweet peas indoors…

Only 7 days after sowing the seeds, the small shoots are showing.  They are growing, hurray!

and just one day later they have tripled in size and are straightening out.  Still growing well.

What’s growing in the light is matched in length below the soil surface with a long white root and the seed has swelled

Only 4 days later… STOP the madness guys. No more height please.

So only 16 days after sowing they have grown 30cm. Such energy.     (I wish I had some of that!)                                                                                           However, disaster looms as one sweet pea topples sideways.

Safety measures need to be put into place…

Scaffolding in place. 18 days after sowing we are at 35cm tall and I have a feeling this isn’t going to end well…

Come back next week for further questionable developments…….

Seed sowing at home is certainly a challenge. You have to find somewhere with enough light coming from all directions so the seedlings don’t lean, that isn’t too warm or too cold. That you don’t mind getting splashed with water or crumbs of soil. That’s big enough for all the seeds you’ve just gone and bought on a whim and pictured in your imagination as bright colourful flowers filling your garden in summer. Sometimes it is just easier to wait to sow them outside in spring.

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