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De Kas Restaurant and Kitchen Garden, Amsterdam

From garden to table, another extraordinary vegetarian restaurant with Chefs passionate about the food we eat, in a perfectly beautiful setting:

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Thank you to The Garden House, Brighton, for bringing us here CHEERS!

A Bountiful Day

Lavender,Crocosmia,Acer, Cosmos, Knifophia, Hydrangea, Stachys, Ammi
Leucanthemum, Miscanthus, Achillea, Bamboo, Viburnham, Artichoke, Fuchsia, Fennel, Box, Cornflower, Gladioli, Iris, Chives, Choisya

…to name but a few.

Such a great starter selection for our Plant swap on Sunday.

Thank you Rosi and Ridgeview Estate and everyone at Stanmer Horticulture (Part of Plumpton College) for such generosity and to Sophie for helping me collect them and make sure they got plenty of water this afternoon.



Our Style

photo 4The most challenging of gardens we work on is one with no budget for new plants at all. Initially we felt stifled by this constraint.  How were we going to make a difference? Eight years later and still no money for new plants,  this has defined our gardening style.

Fortunately the garden had many different areas to begin with. The formal, although once overgrown, herbaceous border, the mixed shrub and perennial border, the rose gardens, the wild gardens and the woods.

We had to be imaginative, planting wild flowers in the gaps of the formal areas and ‘naturalising’ divisions of perennial plants in the wild garden because we just couldn’t throw them away.  Consequently the garden now has a wild and slightly unruly charm about it that is very satisfying to work in and our propagation skills have come on a treat.