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What an amazing day…

I was simply bowled over by the response we had.
The sun beat down and the garden dazzled, the moat soothed and the tortoise, the goslings, the ducklings and nesting moorhens charmed us all.
The atmosphere was terrific and I think most people went home with some new plants and great hopes of what could be…
Carol’s tea and cakes were an absolute treat and it was lovely to be supported by friends and family from far and wide.
My greatest thanks go to Carol and Andrew Clay for hosting the event in the grounds of their house, to Carol for baking all those cakes and all the volunteers in the tea room. My gardening girls, Alix Sophie and Emma did a stirling job helping people identify plants and find plants for specific purposes and my friends with not so much plant knowledge, Hannah Clare and Nicky who just stepped in, showed people what to do, handed out seeds and took payment for plants bought.
Thanks to my friends Nicola and Tara for all their pre-prep, to Ty for the flyers and posters and to my boys who were on the gate all afternoon, who helped assemble and pack it all away at the end of the day.
My oh my, what a day! It really was a team effort, tiring but memorable. We had 115 visitors and made £550 which I will present to the charity ‘Mind’ this week.
Of our ‘left over plants’, some will go to Elm Grove Primary School and others to be planted up in empty boarders that could do with some love, on Milner Estate, Brighton.

The Big Day has finally arrived




A Bountiful Day

Lavender,Crocosmia,Acer, Cosmos, Knifophia, Hydrangea, Stachys, Ammi
Leucanthemum, Miscanthus, Achillea, Bamboo, Viburnham, Artichoke, Fuchsia, Fennel, Box, Cornflower, Gladioli, Iris, Chives, Choisya

…to name but a few.

Such a great starter selection for our Plant swap on Sunday.

Thank you Rosi and Ridgeview Estate and everyone at Stanmer Horticulture (Part of Plumpton College) for such generosity and to Sophie for helping me collect them and make sure they got plenty of water this afternoon.



5 days left until the Plant swap

mind logo white

Bring as many plants as you like and swap them for the same number.

If you don’t have plants to swap you can buy them for £2 each.

Some hanging baskets will be for sale, all planted up.

Proceeds will be going to the charity Mind.

Or just take a wander around the garden and enjoy Carol’s Tea and Cakes in the Tea Room. She has been busily baking and I guarantee they are delicious.