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A Bountiful Day

Lavender,Crocosmia,Acer, Cosmos, Knifophia, Hydrangea, Stachys, Ammi
Leucanthemum, Miscanthus, Achillea, Bamboo, Viburnham, Artichoke, Fuchsia, Fennel, Box, Cornflower, Gladioli, Iris, Chives, Choisya

…to name but a few.

Such a great starter selection for our Plant swap on Sunday.

Thank you Rosi and Ridgeview Estate and everyone at Stanmer Horticulture (Part of Plumpton College) for such generosity and to Sophie for helping me collect them and make sure they got plenty of water this afternoon.



Mobile of Flowers

Wandering around a flea market this weekend, I found some gorgeous little glass bottles for sale that I thought might be good for a project.

My friend Elena popped by for a coffee and soon we were bending wire and getting excited about a new way of displaying cut-flowers.

Here is the proto type and I’m sure there will be other designs to follow!photo 4