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Bottoms up at the Great Dixter Plant fair

Well it was definitely worth the long drive through the East Sussex countryside, which is greening up sweetly on this sunny spring morning, to visit this weekend’s horticultural attraction.

Very well organised with a few carefully chosen Stalls and a gentle atmosphere rather than a stampede, hustle and grab which can be experienced at fairs.

Funnily I managed to capture more bottoms than bloomsphoto 3 photo 1 in my photos…














As is my way, I managed to get completely swept off my feet with I plant I fell in love with at Dixter several years ago.  And oh how I have tried to grow this before, with no success whatsoever.

There it was, the only one left, a mere seedling crying out to be saved and nurtured. I bought it, of course! Wish me luck, I know it is going to be a devil to keep. Please LIVE little plant!IMG_3281

Paris polyphylla – What a name??! I love it… Sounds like a punk band