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Top 20 Tools for any Gardener

This is my equivalent of a garden shed

TOP 20 TOOLS (I use on a weekly basis)


1.  Secateurs in holster

2.  Hand Fork

3.  By-pass loppers

4.  Rake

5.  Broom

6. Long handled or hand-held edgers

7.  Wheelbarrow

8. Spade

9. Fork

10. Bucket or some kind of container to throw weeds and clippings in as you go. It can also double up as a watering device if you don’t have a watering can with you or to soak dry pots in water before planting out. Very very useful.

11. Trowel

12. Scissors

13. Garden twine

14. Kneeling pad

15. Shears

16. Plant ties

17. Bow saw

18.  Strimmer

19.  Hedge cutter

20. Pruning saw

We also use daily  a builders sack approx holding a cubic meter of garden prunings that can be balanced on a wheelbarrow and make trips to the compost heap or burn pile or local community composting site more efficient

Essential clothing:

1)  As many gloves as I can afford – on one wet day I could get through 3-4 pairs, if there is a wet week I’m in trouble


You can see them all drying out here after last weeks rather wet spell

2)  Hats.  Essential all year round for protection from sun and rain. So woolly and warm in the winter and with a large brim or peak in the summer

3)  Waterproof clothing

4)  Solid footwear to protect those toes.  I wear muck boots.

Other Essentials:

1) Sun cream

2) First Aid Kit

3) Bite and sting relief anti-histamine cream

4) Insect repellent

5) Tissues

Other useful items

Spare buckets of different sizes to collect cut-flowers

Paper bags to collect seeds

Plant labels and pens

Watering can



Vine eyes




Hormone Rooting powder


Of course this list could go on and on and on and on so I shall stop here!