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Today in the garden… weeding weeding edging weeding

Always be careful when weeding and prodding around in the soil with your fork as you never know what you might find, like this little fella.

The garden is looking lush due to all the lovely rain we have been having, however growth is slower than it might be because of the continuing cool temperatures.

Someone, who wishes to remain anonymous, forgot to bring her waterproof trousers today and had to wear the spare ‘waterproofs of shame’


Nonetheless she took it in good humour and we both had a giggle at her expense..bless her. It is not a glamorous job.



Even the ducks wished they were wearing sunglasses..




However, when the sun came out the garden shone back.




Apart from the weeding, we managed to provide protection for these lovely little grasses that are so much more tasty to rabbits than the whole field of grass next door..IMG_3472






In praise of Irises and Gloves

Today I headed up to the first Rhs show of the year, in London.  I was bowled over by the lovely displays of Hellebores, carpets of Iris and bountiful summer bulbs to pick and choose from. I never thought I’d be taken in by the myriads of different snowdrops available but even I was tempted by one,  until I saw the price tag – £45 .

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