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Forget-me-nots, beware

This week we have been pulling out all our forget-me-nots. Given all the rain we have had recently, they are satisfyingly easy to remove. Just gather all the stems together near the base, and yank.
Shake off the excess soil and throw the plants away (compost? well that depends on your composting skills! If you are good at composting and the heap gets very hot, it will kill the seeds. If the composting is poor you will be spreading the seeds all round the garden when spreading the compost).
During the removal process you will be shaking seed everywhere. This will germinate to provide hundreds more plants next year. You will also find plenty of the seed stuck to you and your gloves. I like to wear rubber gloves to do this as the seed doesn’t stick to them.
Pulling forget-me-nots can also cause skin irritation. My face often feels itchy so I rub my face on my jumper or back of my gloves and before I know it I am all red bothered and blotchy. Not very nice at the time but easily resolved by a good old soak in the bath or hot shower at the end of the day.