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Cotula hispida – a darling alpine flowering now

Cotula hispida

If you are ever wondering what to plant between stepping stone paving, this is the gem you should buy.  It has fluffy silver green foliage and daisy-like flowers without the white petals, like little yellow buttons on dainty stems.  It is very hardy and spreading.

Well worth getting down on your knees for!




The First days of Summer



Today we had a delivery of mushroom compost – basically  a year old horse manure that has had mushrooms growing in it. Good  for keeping down the weeds, not particularly high in nutrients and also good for helping the soil retain moisture during the summer months.



Not so much fun and games getting covered in horse poo from head to foot:

IMG_3552 IMG_3551


Other highlights of the day – The London pride is flowering and so are the wonderful foxgloves:


The Delight of an English Garden in June





Wild Lilies… as promised

Wild and beautiful

No not me!
I am talking about the Martagon Lily. Flowering now, it can grow to 4 feet tall and have as many as 50 Turk’s cap flowers on each stem. They are various hues of white pink and mauve, some have spotted petals some without and they have a gentle sweet scent. They even enjoy growing in shady conditions aswell as full sun. I have picked 2 stems to photograph and press but they certainly look great naturalised in the grass under the trees.

British Flowers Week beginning 16th June 2014

IMG_0775IMG_0799I thought I would ‘have a go’ at a floral display of British grown flowers.


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Which photo should I send in to the competition?