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Highs and lows


This is a rare photo of me gardening! Actually I’m not even gardening,  I’m demonstrating to the girls that I will never lose my hand fork again as I have a handy pouch to put it in 🙂 – let’s see if it works.

However the real reason I am including this photo is the bed behind me and well might I turn my back on it.  I have had a couple of years of disaster trying to grow a wonderful mixed annual, meadow-like border to the tennis court.  It really shouldn’t be that difficult but I seemed to make it so.

Year one, I dug up the existing geraniums and sprinkled some generic wild flower seed mix along the length.  Unfortunately the weeds and grass had the upper hand and there were not enough hours in the day to weed it.

Year 2, I thought, scrape off the top soil and grass and weeds and sow more wild flower seed, mistakenly in the belief that wild flowers don’t require nutritious ground to grow on. That may be a fact but actually many of these wild  flower meadow seed mixes are really just annual flowers that do require some nutrition to get going.

Also a fundamental mistake, I had taken the level down to solid clay and the poor little roots had nothing to cling to.  I had forgotten Rule number one of gardening ‘Prepare the seed bed to provide a fine tilth’ …..Darn.

Year 3, we have spread a layer of planting medium ( a mix of sand and organic compost available from the council relatively inexpensively) along the bed and I am now about to order a seed mix.  I rather fancy one of those lovely ones used in the Olympic park in London 2012!

Creative Wednesdays

Clay plaques

Stage one, the impression:


Next week, stage two…