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Late season Box clipping

Today Alix and I attended a lovely new garden to us, in the Mid-Sussex countryside.  The owner has lived there for 22 years and more or less planted and maintained the garden all that time on her own.  It is fabulous because she has many unusual varieties of plants shrubs and trees.  Every other summer she opens her garden to the public in aid of charity and you can wander around the beautiful space early evening with a glass of wine in hand.

Not us, we were on a mission to get chopping

In some areas it may be too late in the year to give the topiary a second trim, as the new growth after clipping could be susceptible  to frost damage.  However we have looked at the forecast and reckon it will be fine.

Generally I forget to take ‘before’ photos until it is too late and yet again that happened  today – as always we just want to dive in.. so here we are at the end of the day…

IMG_1511 IMG_1519


After clipping, the box should be well watered and given a good nitrogen feed to encourage more green growth.


And to cap it off today we saw the amazing caterpillar of the wackily named Elephant-hawk Moth:

IMG_1970 IMG_1976

and I’ve never seen anything like it.  Hugely impressive with its fake eyes to  hopefully intimidate potential foes and they are surprisingly not un-common. Wonderful shape size and colouration. Rumour has it that the Elephant-Hawk moth ain’t too bad either with it’s big 70mm wing span in pretty pink and grey