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The worst thing about Topiary

I love the finished look of freshly clipped Box hedges and balls as it adds the perfect neat contrast to the shaggy fullness of a June garden. I even pride myself on getting the shapes just right, but picking up the little pieces afterwards is a bit of a nightmare.
There are 2 things we try to do to make the job a little easier: Firstly by draping an old tablecloth around the base of the plant and if there are other plants all around it, the cloth will gently lie on those plants and still catch the majority of the clippings. Secondly we try and remember to add mulch to the border – either mushroom compost, a soil conditioner or decorative bark chippings AFTER clipping, thus leaving a tidy finish.
Don’t forget to give the plants a good long drink and a feed at the end of the job.