Abundant April

Much like our ordinary lives, those April showers seem like a distant memory of yesteryear. How soon we get used to a new normal.

Until today, one month has passed since the last rain and the sunshine is bringing out the best in our beautiful flowers. Before I share the abundance, these are the jobs we accomplished this week:


We started with pruning this massive Forsythia which, unbelievably, was almost twice the size. The bright yellow flowers were over and now’s the perfect time to reduce it. We used a mixture of hand tools rather than a hedge trimmer just in case there were any nesting birds.

That was followed by clearing this tree. We removed the wild clematis and slightly raised the canopy of branches by cutting any growth lower than one metre from the ground, and removed ash and sycamore trees that had self sown around the base. All very satisfying. Next week we get to grips with the Bay Tree

Next job, we are in the Greenhouse:

Such a pretty setting with the flowering crab apples

Oh my, the Lilies are loving life and no sign of Lily beetle yet. The tomatoes in the earth have doubled in size and Ive started tying them in to their supports

More peas and beans got sown, some sunflowers were potted on and others sown directly.

All other time was spent watering, weeding and wondering…

Looking down I am taken by the yellow Tulip/Wallflower combination, the last throws of narcissi en masse, the pink and yellow ‘parrot’ and ‘lily flowered’ Tulips dotted in the border and the gorgeous setting for an outdoor breakfast on a crisp April morning

Looking up, the tree leaves are unfurling and the ornamental fruit trees are vying to attract the pollinating insects with their masses of blossom

We end the week, each with Tulips

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