A little background to my blog


I am Wendy Rose and I am one of the very lucky people in life who has found their dream job.  Every morning I wake up, spring out of bed, throw on some old clothes, make myself a delicious, nutritious packed lunch and a flask of coffee and set off to work.

I am a Gardener.  On the face of it, not a particularly prestigious job nor a very glamorous one, nevertheless one I love very much, every day.  I have indeed tried those more ‘high flying’ careers, having trained and worked initially as an Interior Designer, however, once I started learning about the wonderful world of horticulture and took more notice of the ever changing beauty of nature, right in front of my eyes, I never looked back.

I came to gardening later in life than some. I was a single Mother of two boisterous young boys and, as is common these days, my remaining family lived too far away to help me care for them. I needed a job first and foremost with flexibility.  My other criteria for a job was; one that kept me fit, as I had no time for a gym, an enjoyable commute, creativity, sociability, a sense of living for the day and most of all peace, in my heart and in my mind. Every day of the week I work with different gardeners who enrich my life immensely. I imagine that a large percentage of the information that I will share with you on gardening jobs and musings will come out of  previous conversations we have had that week at work.

So now you have a  flavour of who I am by reading my first ever post on my first ever blog.  I hope you will enjoy my future reflections on gardening. I dedicate my blog to my horticultural tutors at Plumpton College, Bridget, Jim and Julie, for instilling in me their pure enjoyment and true passion for all things horticultural and the two inspirational women, Laurie McMillan, now also a Tutor at Plumpton and Rebecca Wells – Nirvana Plantscapes, who took me on in my early days and taught me the Art of Gardening.

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